About FlexDelft

Since March 2010, FlexDelft takes care of the payrolling of primarily students who have a temporary assignment within the TU Delft. This entails student assistants and students who assist in Open Days and other Marketing & Communication activities.

From September 2013 FlexDelft is also in charge of the coordination, recruitment and scheduling of invigilators for exams at TU Delft. The existing invigilatorpool is adopted by FlexDelft.

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Cash out

We take care of the payment of hourly invoices for student assistants and working students at TU Delft on a weekly basis.

These students have been recruited and selected by TU Delft to support a course, project or event for a specific period during the academic year.


Recruit and select

In collaboration with TU Delft HR Central, FlexDelft has set up a recruitment and selection branch that can provide specialized support in recruitment for secretarial positions within TU Delft; FleXelect.



Would you like to pay an employee at TU Delft who starts working in a position other than Student Assistant? This is possible via FlexDelft Detacheringen.



Commissioned by Education & Student Affairs (E&SA), we take care of the planning and coordination of the TU Delft invigilators pool.