Foreign student

For (international) students, a Student Assistantship is a fun and educational way to earn extra pocket money. There are no restrictions for students with a European nationality, for students with a non-European nationality there are a few things you should take into account if you want to appoint him / her as a Student Assistant.

For non-European students, we must apply for a Work Permit (TWV) at the UWV. Our experience is that it takes approximately 2 weeks (maximum 5 weeks) before we receive the confirmation from UWV and your student can start work. To initiate the application procedure for a work permit, the student must come to us with the following original documents:

  • residence permit
  • BSN number
  • IBAN bank account number

We will start the application procedure immediately. As soon as we have received the work permit, we will contact the student so that they can visit us to complete the registration with FlexDelft. Your non-European Student Assistant can now work for a maximum of 16 hours per week.

We apply for a work permit for a period of 1 year. There are no additional costs associated with the appointment of a non-European Student Assistant. You can use the same procedure register this Student Assistant as a student with European nationality.

Is your non-European Student Assistant graduating in the near future? In that case, keep in mind that as soon as your student deregisters from TU Delft, his work permit will automatically be terminated by operation of law.

Would you like to employ someone who has a non-European nationality in a position other than Student Assistant? Often this is not a problem, but to avoid disappointment later, we always ask you to email us a scan of the residence document so that we can check this. Employees with a European nationality do not need a work permit to work legally in the Netherlands.