Method of seconding

As the client, you determine how long you will appoint an employee and in which wage scale and step according to the TU salary table he / she should be paid.

This information, together with the job code, working days, job name and & ndash; description, and employee details, you enter on our registration form . & nbsp; You can send the form to FlexDelft Detacheringen .

We would like to receive the contact details of your employee so that we can approach him / her to make an appointment.

With this appointment we make a scan of a valid passport or municipal identity card, fill in the payroll tax form, hand over the contract and discuss the terms of employment together. After signing the contract, we prepare the posting confirmation for you. This allows you to initiate the registration externally. When you hire an employee via secondment, we take care of the monthly wage payment and invoicing. When the end of the temporary employment is approaching, we will contact you to discuss the options for a possible extension.

For tailor-made advice about the payment options of your employee, you can always call us and send an email to . < / p>