Surveillance procedure

FlexDelft takes care of the planning and coordination of the TU Delft invigilator pool. Invigilators support the teacher and students in administering paper and digital exams. An invigilator is responsible for the smooth running of an exam by:

  •   Provide a peaceful environment
  •   answer questions from students and teachers
  •   to carry out checks in accordance with examination policy
  •   prevention and identification of suspicion of fraud

About 2 weeks before the exam, FlexDelft will receive the timetable from the exam timetable. We schedule invigilators based on this schedule.

FlexDelft automatically schedules invigilators for exams with 30 or more participants. The responsible lecturer will receive an email about this with all the details of the exam such as start time, location and number of students. The number of invigilators depends on the number of registered students and the location. At least 1 invigilator is scheduled per room.

In the confirmation email, the teacher will also find a link to the exam information form (also known as TIF). In this online form, the teacher can leave instructions for the invigilators. Think of the permitted aids, the type of paper that may be handed out, but also special requests. The invigilator can view these instructions in the personal timetable.

E-invigilators are used for exams using the Maple TA package. These invigilators can support the teacher in switching the room to exam mode and resolving malfunctions.

The invigilators are present at least 30 minutes before the exam to prepare the room and even after the exam they are present for another 30 minutes to supervise students with extra time. During the exam they carry out various checks in accordance with the Examination Regulations.

No invigilator is scheduled for exams with less than 30 participants. The responsible teacher will receive an email about this. This e-mail describes that a security guard can still be scheduled if desired.

FlexDelft can also provide invigilators for unofficial exams. Please contact the FlexDelft employees by sending an email to .