Payment method

Do you have a student who you want to have paid out via FlexDelft? Then you can register the student (s) with us. There are two types of students:

  • Student assistant

Student assistant is understood to mean a person enrolled as a student at TU Delft and who also contributes to academic education or research as an employee. The student uses his or her knowledge of the study to support a teacher or department.
The salary depends on the study progress.

- 60 - 120 ECTS: SA2
- 120 – 180 ECTS: SA3
-   > 180 ECTS / Master's student: SA4

  • Working student

A working student is deployed for all other activities, such as events or temporary administrative tasks. The student is classified on the basis of a position, scale and step from the VSNU collective labor agreement.

How does it work?

The method of registration consists of 3 actions: & nbsp;

Action 1:

Completion of the registration form by the client
The client fills in a registration form. As soon as the student is enrolled, FlexDelft will get to work.

Action 2:

Student registration with FlexDelft
Students must register once with FlexDelft. You can inform the student of this. For more information see & nbsp; this page . If a student is already enrolled, the student does not need to take any action.

Action 3:

Order confirmation
FlexDelft will send an order confirmation to the client within 5 working days after the above actions have been carried out. The student will also receive a confirmation.

Actions 1 and 2 can be performed in any order.