Recruitment and selection method

FleXelect is the recruitment and selection branch of FlexDelft for your permanent and temporary TU Delft secretary vacancies. Because FleXelect is part of TU Delft, we have a large network with secretaries from various departments and faculties and the official secretary network ZieSo. This results in faster and more qualitative matches.

Let us know when you have a secretary vacancy and we will call you as soon as possible to make an appointment to discuss the vacancy and our services. This service can vary from letter selection and drawing up a shortlist of suitable candidates to full recruitment that starts with the redundancy check. Because our experience is that every vacancy requires a different approach, this is an important part of a pleasant and successful collaboration. Due to the location of our office in the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, we are centrally located on campus and we can always switch quickly. After the intake we will send you a confirmation and we will start immediately with the recruitment. We have always spoken to the candidates we introduce to you, both internally and externally, so that we can be sure that they meet the TU requirements. Another part of our selection process is a reference check with a recent and relevant employer to ensure qualitative candidates.

When making a successful match, we will send an invoice for our & nbsp; service. For more information about our rate, please contact us at , or call us at 87765.