Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find an overview of frequently asked questions, is your question not listed? Then contact us. We are happy to help you.

When you are a Student Assistant you offer support in a course / research and for this you use knowledge specifically from your study. The classification according to TU Delft (on the basis of the collective labor agreement for universities) states that in this case your classification is based on study progress.

The distribution in salary scales is as follows:

0 -120 ECTS = SA2

121-180 ECTS = SA3

> 180 ECTS / Master student = SA4

What specific gross amounts are linked to this can you You can request this from FlexDelft.


When registering your assignment, the person registering your work will classify you in a specific salary scale based on the current number of ECTS. If you have earned enough ECTS to move to the next pay scale, you must report this to FlexDelft yourself. We can adjust the pay scale on the basis of an ECTS overview obtained at one of the Service Points of TU Delft. You can deliver this to us by e-mail or hand it in during opening hours. From the week that we receive the new ECTS overview, the new grading will also start.

You can request a new password via the button \'forgot password\'.

When you work in the Netherlands you are obliged to pay tax on your salary. This is called payroll tax.

Whether and how much payroll tax is withheld depends on a number of factors, for example whether or not the payroll tax credit is applied and how much you earn gross per week.

When you apply the payroll tax credit, less tax is withheld from your salary than when you do not apply the discount.

Do you have several employers? Then you may only apply the payroll tax credit to 1 employer. Do this at the employer where you earn the most salary. Is FlexDelft your only employer? Then you can apply the payroll tax credit with us, we arrange this when you register at our office. During your work you can change the application of the payroll tax credit. Please visit our office between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Via the payroll tax tables you can find out exactly how much payroll tax is withheld from your wages.

Click  here for the wage tax tables 2020.

Look in the first table with \'Tabelloon\' the gross weekly wage that applies to you. Depending on whether or not you apply payroll tax credit, you will find the payroll tax that is withheld from you for that week in the columns next to it.

For the payment of holiday pay and holiday hours, other tax percentages apply, you can here  find.

More information about payroll taxes from the tax authorities can be found here  .

You will receive a salary specification by email if we have paid you hours worked, or if we have paid out holidays / vacation pay. We have listed the most important information for you here:

From Gross to Net
In the example below from the wage specification resp. the number of hours worked, the gross hourly wages and the total gross wages to be paid (Hours worked * gross hourly wages)

Screenshot Payslip Declaration data

Under "Description" you will find an explanation of the calculation that has been made to obtain gross to net wages to be paid, including any vacation days or vacation pay that is paid out.

Screenshot Pay slip Description

In this example, both wages and holidays are paid. After adding it up, part of this is deducted from payroll tax * and a differentiated premium for "Return to Work Partially Disabled" (WGA).

* Payroll tax: The more you work per week, the more tax you pay. Even if the payroll tax credit is on (you can find this in the top right-hand corner of the wage specification), payroll tax is withheld from approximately eight hours per week. The payroll tax percentage is built up progressively. In March every year you can file a tax return to possibly. get back overpaid tax.

Vacation days and Vacation pay
At the bottom of the wage breakdown you will find your accrued vacation days and vacation pay. Holiday pay and Holiday days are separate pots that accrue with a percentage of the gross salary when you are paid by us. Finally, in the same table you will find the change in the balance (holidays in hours, holiday pay in euros) because we have paid your wages and / or you have paid your holidays.


If you do not declare 6 weeks, all your accrued reservations will be paid automatically.
In May, your accrued balance is automatically paid out in holiday pay.
You can also enter holiday hours in the declaration.
Do you want to take vacation hours in a week that you are not working? Send us an email and we will process it for you.

You can submit claims up to four weeks ago. Everything before that will automatically expire.

We advise you to submit your worked hours at the end of each week. Once you have submitted a declaration, it is final and you can no longer adjust it. Your approver can still change the number of hours.

Once you have submitted a claim, it cannot be reversed. If possible, try to compensate for the wrong claim with a claim for the following week, for example. If this is not possible, please contact FlexDelft.

If the end date of your assignment has passed, no more declarations can be submitted. Visit your client and have them pass on an extension of your assignment to FlexDelft.

It is possible that your client has not yet approved the declaration. Check in the hours portal whether your claim has been approved. All approved claims are paid every Tuesday.