Would you like to pay an employee at TU Delft who starts working in a position other than Student Assistant? This is possible via FlexDelft Detacheringen (FDD). The employee will then be placed on our payroll and we will take care of the monthly payment based on the terms of employment wages, allowances and expense allowance of TU Delft. This means: monthly payment on the same day as TU employees, from day 1 pension accrual with ABP and a year-end bonus. The holidays are in accordance with the VSNU collective labor agreement.

A contract can start the 1e of the month and end on the last day of the month and is based on a fixed number of hours per week. There is no minimum number of months that you can appoint someone through FDD. The maximum is 1 year, this includes any previous consecutive contracts with TU Delft. If your employee has had a contract (through an employment agency or other construction) or an appointment at TU Delft in the past 6 months, please always contact us so that we can advise you about the possibilities.

Would you like to appoint an employee who has a non-European nationality? This is often not a problem, but to avoid later disappointment, we always ask you to email us an (anonymised) scan of the residence document so that we can check this. Employees with a European nationality do not need a work permit to work legally in the Netherlands.

Click hereto register your employee with FlexDelft Detacheringen.

For tailor-made advice on the payment options of your employee, please contact telephone number 015 278 7765 or by email